Kaustubh Dhumale

B.A. B.Ed. M.Ed.

Director’s Message

My co-founder Rahul Padgilwar sir and i started Dnyandeep Academy with the mission of helping students across pusad get into good engineering and medical colleges. After spending multiple years in the education sector, we decided to start Dnyandeep Academy because we saw two major problems with science and math education in India.

The first is that most students in pusad are not able to prepare for competitive examinations. The second is that even though there are many coaching classes for competitive exam in India, most of these classes focus only on toppers.

Competitive exams like the IIT JEE, NEET, CET, NTSE & Olympiads are very different from school examinations. While the board exams test students on being able to memorise simple facts, these competitive exams focus on testing problem solving. Problem solving is the ability to use the concepts given in textbooks and apply them to solve complicated problems. In many cases the problems asked in these exams may require knowledge from multiple chapters, in which case the students are required to solve some confusing steps before they can apply the formulae taught to them.

This skill is difficult to master and this is why students require preparation at institutes that are good at teaching them these skills. Many students are not aware that competitive exams are the only way to gain admission to top engineering and medical colleges. Board marks carry no weightage in the process.

This is why even though there are talented students in every district of India, it is mostly students from the metros and from big coaching hubs who are able to clear exams like the IIT JEE and NEET. This has resulted in many families choosing to send their young children away from home to study at coaching hubs like Kota. Unfortunately, lakhs of students each year are undergoing a lot of stress in these centres without achieving their goals.

Last year, more than 1000 students from Pusad Nanded Akola Nagpur appeared for the IIT JEE & NEET. Of these less than 30 students qualified for the IITs and less than 10,000 qualified.This means that only 3% students who went to Nanded Akola Nagpur Kota achieved their goals. The other students undergo incredible stress – stories of which appear in the news every year.

We started Dnyandeep Academy to change this. We have devoted our heart and soul towards providing a caring, technology-enabled academy for students to study for competitive exams

★ Our Mission ★

Our Mission is to perspire for the augmentation of the aspiration of even the average students to climb the pinnacle with utmost diligence and maximum dexterity. This institution with the motto “Chiselling the brilliants" continue to be the leading provider of entrance coaching programmes of the highest quality to those students who have the potential and motivation to become professionals who will be able to contribute towards professional excellence.

★ Our Vision ★

Our Vision is to grow beyond leaps and bounds as an institution of par excellence in the arena of entrance coaching and to improvise everything required for boosting and enlightening the endeavour of students to attain scholastic excellence and for successfully facing and competition with impeccable impunity.